The thought of leaving your country and going to a new place can be quite exciting and overwhelming at the same time. However, with good preparation, going for a safari can be quite an eye opening and rewarding experience. To make your safari experience memorable it is important that you do some research on your preferred safari destination. There many safari destinations which include south Africa, east Africa and central Africa. Each destination provide unique features on flora and fauna, and it is therefore important to know where you want to go and what you want to see.

Once you have settled on your preferred  you need to find out the country tourist Visa requirements. Some countries though few require a pre-arrival Visa which you have to acquire before arriving at the country. This visa can be acquired at the country’s consulate in your country or the nearest consulate office. The other form of Visa is the port of entry Visa. This Visa is acquired at the country’s port of entry and will depend on the length of time you are visiting. This is the most popular type of visa especially in safari destinations.

Once you have secured a Visa, you will need to identify what kind of vaccine you need to get. Each destination country has different vaccine requirement. You can visit your travel clinic to find out which vaccine is required for your preferred destination. You can also contact the country consulate in your country for more enquires. The center for disease control website has great information on what kind of vaccine is required for each country. It is important to get these vaccine or medication before travelling.

Before you pack you will need to research the weather for your preferred destination. Most countries in Africa are hot and dry, and mild at night, so you need to bear in mind to pack light clothes and a light hooded jacket incase it rains. Some countries also experience winter like conditions and you will need to carry warm clothes. In hot climates you will need to bring a good sunscreen due to sun exposure, together with a hat, sunglasses and bug spray with Deet. Open shoes are not recommended but you can ask your guide whether it is advisable. Heavy protective shoes would be ideal for game drives, camping and hiking. You will need to get hiking gear is you plan to hike.

Most tourist worry about food and wonder whether they should bring their own food. Since most tourist stay at luxury tented camps, the food is prepared by qualified chefs that meet international standards. If you have any allergy it is important to let your hotel know and options will be provided. It is also important to check with your hotel or tour guide if you can bring snacks in the country. Do not worry if you are not allowed to bring snacks, you can buy snacks and drinks at local supermarkets and international luxury stores.

Security is also a concern for most tourist. The media presents a myopic picture of these destinations and it is important to understand that what happens in one country is not a representation of another and both location could be hundreds of miles apart. Even hot spots in your safari destination could be miles apart from the actual location that could be visiting. If any of such events occurs your guide will notify and make the necessary arrangement to have you evacuated. A word of caution is to make sure you guard you valuable and beware of your surroundings. For these reasons it is important and good practice to purchase travel insurance in case you need it.

A flight to most safari destination range from eight to sixteen hours so it therefore very important to dress comfortable and be mentally prepared. Once you have landed at your destination you will rest for the night and start a long drive to the game reserves the following morning. This drive can between three to four hour on sometime some rough terrain, and after a long flight it can be quite exhausting especially combined with jet lag. I recommend taking the first day recuperating from the jet lag and catching up on hours gained and lost. If you are in a city you can ask your tour guide to recommend local tourist attractions and or eateries. Alternatively, instead of taking a long drive I would recommend taking a small chartered flight to the game reserve which comes at an extra cost.

Enjoy your Safari.

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